We live in a great city and we take advantage of everything that there is on offer and explore our surroundings as part of our daily program.  

Local - Percy St. BBQ

Sprouts were the first to dine at the Percy St., BBQ Restaurant where we sampled the mac 'n' cheese and as time has passed we have had teams in the annual Bull Riding Contest there and even had one of our staff meetings there. Our four and five year olds found the mac and cheese a little too cheesy, favoring the kraft and stouffers versions over the hand crafted mac 'n' cheese from Chef Erin O'Shea.

Sorry Erin!


Local - Magic Gardens


Just down the street about a block away from us is the Philadelphia Magic Garden. When we go to the playground, we generally walk past the Magic Garden and the children often notice new and interesting parts of the mosiacs there. We even have a tile mosaic mural that Isaiah installed in Spring 2013 on the side of our gym building. What is interesting is that everyone has a different interpretation of what the mosaic is depicting.  

Local - Seger Playground


We are lucky that we are situated between two playgrounds which are either one or two blocks away from us. That means that we can easily walk to the playground every day and the children get lots of fresh air. Both playgrounds offer slightly different play opportunities. Seger Park with its new play equipment and proposed sprinkler park is a super cool new space for us to play in. Palumbo offers a playground and open green fields in which we can play ball games and other fun outdoor activities.